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They check in and she doesn't finger his hair.

They walk down the carpeted hotel lobby and her hand doesn't go for his.

The wait for the elevator is excruciating between the slight tightness in his pants and the extreme tightness of her dress.

This was a mistake, he thinks to himself as he avoids the urge to look at her, examining some stupid potted plant. But then he remembers the way her manicured nails scraped the back of his neck behind that crowded stage and her lips had formed the words "nice show" and "we're going to a hotel" long before he was articulate enough to tell her that, yes, that was exactly what he wanted, too.

The ding of the arriving elevator distracts him enough that after the door close, he doesn't expect her mouth to meet his jaw. And yet, suddenly, there it is, a hot little mouth and the dark pink wet lips attached to it trailing kisses down his jawline. She turns on like a damn light bulb and suddenly he's on too, and they're groping like horny teenagers in a store dressing room.

She's already undone his tie--15 floors left--and she's pushing the few top buttons apart to get at his collar bone--10 floors--he pushes the top of her dress down so the left cup of her dark red bra is exposed--5 floors--her right leg slides between his silk pants and pushes his hard cock up even more--DING

And just like that, she's detached again, bra still visible, dress twisted, ridiculously tall heels making no sound on the carpet as her ass swings side-to-side. He swipes them into the room, she puts her clutch on the nightstand. He pulls off his topcoat, she slips out of her heels.

She turns ever so slightly and smiles at him. His chest is not broad enough, and his eyes are fresh leaves, not liquid gold, but fuck, he can get whatever he wants as long as he keeps that attitude. That fucking little cocky smirk did it for her the first time they met and it'll keep doing for her as long as she wants it to.

He takes a step towards her, and she lets out a raspy laugh. Suddenly he's falling backward onto the bed. She doesn't even let his body bounce before she crawls on top of him and grabs his mouth with her own. It's their first kiss, he thinks like the teenager he barely isn't, and something in the back of his mind chastises him for this thought. Her tongue tastes like pomegranate and he wonders who is the Persephone and who is the Hades. He isn't sure anymore.

The grind of her pelvis on his makes them both moan. She pulls their mouths apart long enough to smirk at him as she hands slide into his dress pants. He groans as she cups and massages his balls before moving her attention solely to his cock. Long, thick strokes and she's got her heat pressed right against the mound his cock and her hand are making and they both are making that noise in each other's mouths.

He bites and tugs her bottom lip until she winces just so, and suddenly her hand is out of his pants and trying to undo his belt. His fuck-addled brain know he can't help her, so he slides his own down to first palm her panties before slipping a thumb underneath the dark lace. Her breath comes out in a huff when he rubs her clit, and he is just barely tuned-in to his own body to hear the rip of leather as she removes his belt the best way she knows how. This done, her arms suddenly go up and back and the brightly patterned dress slides up and over her head, leaving only dark red underwear for his appraisal.

The bounce of her clothed breasts as she brings her arms back down reminds him that, yes, she has those too, and suddenly he forces himself to sit up, sliding her a little down on his lap. She starts to make a disappointed whine but the touch of his hands removing her bra cuts that short and she can only gasp and then purr as his mouth envelops one dark peach nipple. He lifts his hips to pull his pants down and she assists as best she can with them still connected at her breasts.

By the time he presses his tip against her wetness she is seeing constellations all around his face. She feels and she feels HARD and all she needs is just a little press and--he sheathes himself into her and she lets out a soft little cry. Her body spasms around him, and he stops thinking.

The pace starts off too fast, and they both barely realize how much the other person must want them before they settle into something a little slower. He moves back from her breast to her mouth and she accepts him with open arms that wrap around his chest and scratch at his back. The thick, wet sound of breathing and pumping fills the room and the bed begins to hit the wall heavily. He takes advantage of her light laughter to grab her hips and shove them down on him. She arches and cries out, his mouth silencing the sound as he explores her mouth with his tongue.

He sinks down onto the bed, still sliding in and out at their unspoken perfect pace, and she kisses him until the last second when their lips have to part so he can fully lie down. She sits back up, breasts bouncing in their newly found freedom and his head resting more than comfortably against the stark white pillows. Did Hades get this view of Persephone, he manages to wonder looking up at her before she intentionally clutches the wall of her pussy around him and everything starts fading to white.

Her nails scrape across his abdominal muscles, and when she leans over to tongue and suck his collarbone, the curve of her ass come up just enough to change the angle of his thrusting. He pins her hips in a vice grip, enjoying the newfound angle, and she writhes and mewls like a cat as he thrusts closer and closer to her g-spot. When he finally hits it, she shoves their mouths together so hard their teeth clink and cries out into him, hips rolling to soak up every single moment. Every centimeter of her cunt is quivering and sliding around him and it goes bright-white around him except for the shape of her face--it's beautiful he thinks and chides himself again for the rush of sentimentality--and they pull apart to scream each other's names...



By the time they register that they didn't call out the right names and weren't called by the right names either, she's already resting beside him. They don't look at each other and the silence draws out until she finally sighs and pulls herself off the bed. He watches her search for her panties while the white murky liquid slowly slides down her legs. It seems stupid that he still sometimes forgets condoms, and she follows his glance.

"I'm on the pill," she says casually as she pulls the dark red panties up. "Ex-girlfriend?"

He raises up on the bed, still looking at her and wondering if he'll ever see her like this again. "Dead girlfriend," he finally says, like the words burn his tongue.

The next thing that happens confuses him. She starts crying. It's not sobbing, her lips don't quiver, and no gasps escape her mouth. It's as if someone has turned the faucets on behind her green eyes and won't turn them off. She dresses in silence, the tears rolling down her cheeks, the rest of her face as normal as if she were hanging out with their friends. He finally builds up the courage to ask, "dead boyfriend?"

She laughs and shakes her head. "No, just dimensionally once-removed. Life is just so fucking painful."

It's only then that he realizes she's leaving. He's always been the one to leave first, long before the girl wakes up. Now, sitting here watching her pull her dress down over her lingerie does he realize how shitty a move that really is.

The tears have stopped now and she leans back over the bed, placing her hands on his shoulders. She smells like flowers and sex and if he could get hard and pull her back into bed again he would, just to keep him company until the memories of short choppy blonde hair and a swollen belly fade away.

She has to get away before those eyes start changing colors and the scent of sandalwood and jasmine catches up to her. She's touched that dark hair once too much, she's realized, and now she's burnt herself.

"It's a defense mechanism," she apologizes as she kisses his forehead slightly and then pulls back away, collecting her clutch and leaving the room in silence. He leans his hand into his hands and cries, left alone with only his memory and a warm spot on the bed.

Re: Mamihlapinatapei

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From: (Anonymous)
Uh-oh I didn't add the prompt title part.

Mamihlapinatapei: What happens in Room 1506 stays in Room 1506

Damn anon status making it impossible to edit.

Re: Mamihlapinatapei

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From: (Anonymous)
Sex scenes that hot should not be that sad, anon!! Also this in now a new OTP, thank you for that lol

Re: Mamihlapinatapei

Date: 2013-03-21 01:53 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
It started out so hot, so tantalizing, and then *my heart*

In this context, these two make a lot of sense together



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