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Bai won't stop moving. Which makes sense when Mar'i stops to think about it but in the present situation she can't decide whether it's annoying or incredible. "None of these will hurt me," Bai insists, her flat chest pressed against Mar'i's decidedly NOT flat chest as she tries to squirm enough to look at the plants all around them, some of them caged for safety.

"They're poisonous, Bai," Mar'i tells her, tightening her grip on the speedster just enough for Bai to go still. "That's why this is called the Poison Gardens. I don't give a fuck if you think you could outrun Conium maculatum, I'm not letting you touch them. Or eat them. Or rub them all over yourself."

"Why would I do any of that," Bai says, but the shifty look on her face means that she was considering doing exactly one of those things. Mar'i sighs and kisses Bai's flat cheekbones to calm her, pulling them both to a patch of firm springy green grass to lie on. "Here, we can do this instead." The Tamaranean holds up a bell of datura over their faces, shaking it just enough so pollen falls lightly on them. "It might not affect us that much because we're not oh whoa hey did you just grow another three arms?"

"No," Bai giggles, "but I like how your hair is singing to me." She curls around Mar'i with her long gangly limbs, sucking circles into Mar'i's skin wherever her lips land. "Look! I'm making whirlpools in you!"

"I am an irresponsible botanist," Mar'i realizes loudly as a hundred pounds of high, horny speedster start to vibrate and shake all over her. For some reason she can't bring herself to feel bad.



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