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The Martian Manhunter had faced many excruciating tortures in his lifetime. The loss of his family, the alienation from his home planet, the loneliness of Earth and prejudices of people around him. But none had ever been as simultaneously glorious and gruesome as this one, visited upon him in an aisle of the closed Piggly Wiggly.

"Tell me how much you want it," Kate Spencer demanded, standing over the Martian's prone, undressed body. Her hair was loose around her face and she had one foot planted on the ground on either side of J'onn's form, her hands on her hips, waiting for his response. When it was too long in coming, Kate Spencer lifted one expensive ruby colored Louboutin (the only clothing she was wearing) and placed it on the green man's exposed stomach. "Tell me, or you get nada."

"Kate!" J'onn groaned, the woman's name coming from the depths of his soul. He wanted this so much, more than anything he could remember at this moment. He could not believe the force of the hunger inside him, desire such as he had never suffered. Could there be anything more acutely painful than this, more of a religious ecstasy? Collecting himself with a shudder, the Martian finally formed his green lips around the words: "I want it more than I have, to this date, wanted anything in all the worlds."

A smile curving her lips, Kate Spencer lowered her body onto his. As she came closer, out of the dim light, J'onn's heart sped up at the sight of her nude skin and the Chocos stuck over her bikini areas, each adhered with a dab of icing. The dark sweet chocolate aroma of them mingled with the scent of Kate herself, and the Martian moaned his longing. There would never be anything better than this.
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Keep going! I need to know things! Like did he eat the Chocos? Did he share the Chocos with her? How many Chocos were there? Will there be more Chocos? Tell me!



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