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"There is no way in all of earth, heaven, and whatever seven thousand hells you come from that you can ever adequately repay me for this, Blood."

The deathless magician paused his motions with the sacred athame to stare incredulously at the blond man within the chalk-inscribed tetragrammaton. "Are you taking the piss?" he demanded. "The only reason we're even IN this mess is because of you, you wanker! What kind of bloody tosspot flirts with a woman who has one COW HOOF?"

Fidgeting in his place inside the magic circle, Ollie mumbles to himself but otherwise stops complaining, because when you put it like that yeah it does sound kingsize boneheaded. He watches as Blood chants and sprinkles all kinds of powders in patterns outside the circle, finally clapping his hands in a big show and shouting three magic words. A boom echoed through the dark room, extinguishing the candles, and Ollie blinked into the resulting darkness in confusion.

"That's it," Blood's voice said. He struck a match and lit his candelabra and Ollie frowned.

"That's it? Then why the hell am I dressed up like-" the archer looked down at himself, in a big flouncy low-cut dress that showed half his hairy chest, teetering on heels, a feathery fruity hat flopping down into his face, "--a Carmen Miranda drag queen?" Blood paused halfway up the stairs out of the dank room.

"Purely to see the look on your face when I tell you there's no reason at all," Blood said, grinning, and blew out his candelabra. The sound of Oliver Queen swearing up a storm and falling flat on his bearded face in the resulting darkness was well worth the effort.
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I bet this is how Ollie got dongwarts!!



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