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"It's practically traditional," Helen says, lifting one leg high enough to hook her knee over Bill's hip. The movement drags his already undone trousers lower and he grasps at them in alarm. This is going faster than he can keep up with. Helen's long fingers are in his hair, scrubbing it back and forth, strands catching painfully in her ragged hangnails, and her eyes are huge and dark and seem to swallow up all the meager light in the silver pantry.

"It's traditional for the best man and the maid of honor to do it in a cupboard while everybody else has cake and champagne?" Bill tries to keep his voice level but it's hard with Helen latching on to his ear with her teeth. She snorts, shifting her hands to his chest, nails scraping down the clean crisp front of his tuxedo shirt.

"Of course," Helen scoffs in that careless tone she has. Sometimes, Bill thinks, it increases in direct proportion to how worrying his own tone gets. "We'd bring down bad luck on their heads if we didn't bang in the cupboard at their wedding." Her Green Lantern ring catches against one of his shirt buttons and Bill feels a sudden rush of heat. Helen's always snagging parts of him, in one way or another.

Bending his head, he catches her open, upturned mouth with his and moves his hands from smacked hesitantly against the polished mahogany wall to curve around her familiar hips. His knuckles take the brunt of it when Bill turns, lifting Helen, pushing her against the wall. "Fine," he says firmly under her wild, triumphant laugh. "But I'm doing this for the sake of Damian and Lian's wedded happiness. Not because I believe in curses and trouble."

"Oh, you believe in trouble, baby," Helen purrs, her long hair falling across his face as she presses her forehead to his, and Bill's snagged all over again.
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ahhhh, so cute! suddenly, new OTP! <3



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