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"Sshhhh." Mia hissed has she pushed Gar down onto the chair falling to her knees and crawling under the desk as she swiveled Gar around.

"Oliver is going to walk in any minute."

Mia shushed him again but she was giggling and trailing her fingers up his thigh. "Do you think you can be quiet?"

Gar glared down at her and Mia laughed again leaning her head closer to the crotch of his pants. "You can't tell me to be quiet if you're going to keep laughing."

The door to the office flung open and Gar's head shot up so fast he hurt his neck.

"Where's Mia?" Ollie asked looking around.

Gar bit the inside of his mouth when he felt Mia's fingers snake past his pants and underneath his boxers. "She is-- She went to the bathroom." He said and Oliver nodded his head apparently accepting that answer.

"Alright. Can you tell her to hurry her butt up. We don't have all day." Gar pressed his lips together and nodded his head slowly trying to ignore the fact Mia had managed to unzip his pants for better access. "Thanks"

When the door clicked closed Gar sighed with relief. Unfortunately Mia pushed the chair away and moved from her spot under the desk.

"I guess we have to go now!" She said making her way to the door like she hadn't been doing what she had just been doing. "C'mon. You heard him. Hurry your butt up." She smirked at Gar and rolled her eyes when he gave her a pout. "Aw, don't give me that sad puppy look. It doesn't work on me."

Gar managed to take hold of Mia's hand when she reached down to pat his face and pushed so she was sitting down on the desk. "I just don't want to leave until we're on the same page." He said running his fingers up her thigh pushing her skirt up with them.
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heh heh perfect Gar and Mia, especially all the teasing!



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