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3. asphyxiation, Green Arrow/Flamebird - femdom, breathplay

5. "Sweeter than Candy", Flamebird/Nightwing body pillow

7. "Green Shadows", GGG

8. Older Damian/Ollie

10. "To Sail You Home", Kate/Clark - fuck or die

Bette/Dick, "Sweeter than Candy"

Date: 2013-03-20 02:10 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Bette jumped into bed like it was made of chocolate syrup and whipped cream and marshmallow topping. Ever since she was little she hated going to bed because it felt like she was missing out on exciting things happening, but now she had the biggest cherry on top of her sleepytime sundae: a Nightwing body pillow!

"Ready to bring me the sweetest dreams this side of Candyland?" she asked the pillow giving it one of her award-winning pageant beauty smiles.It was so much like having the real Nightwing, the pillow was the perfect size for one as petite as she. Feeling a little bit sassy, Bette turned the pillow over so it was on the side with showing Dick's exposed back, and she closed her eyes and kissed the unblemished beautiful bare skin. "Oh Dick," she breathed into the vanilla smell of the soft pillow.

"Oh Bette-poo," she heard a sweet fluting voice say back. Letting a small scream fall from her lips, Bette sprang back on her bed, eyes flying open and she stared at the body pillow. Under her very eyes it changed shape so it was in the form of Dick Grayson and turned over! Batting his long sexy eyelashes, Nightwing said, "Come here so I can give you some sugar!"

These were words that Bette could not resist when said in so luscious a tone from Dick's pillowy cherry colored lips. Besides what could it hurt? "If this is a dream then it's one of the BEST dreams I ever had!" Bette declared, sinking down next to the pillow who smiled like an angel at her. "I can be all your dreams," said the pillow, his breath smelled like cotton candy, just like Bette had always imagined for Nightwing. Reaching out his pillow arms, Dick tenderly hugged Bette and then kissed her eyelids.

"You're pretty as a pitcher of caramel," he giggled breathily. Bette was amazed and so turned on by how his pillow body was heavy enough to make her feel like he was almost real, but not a person made of flesh and blood. No person could be so sweet (although she suspected the real Dick actually was.) She was going to make a pert reply when his hands moved gently to her breasts and Bette's breathing actually stopped for a moment. "Candy buttons?" Dick Pillow asked her, giggling again, and Bette put her hands over his. "Gumdrops," she said sultrily as her nipples grew taut and aching under Nightwing's touch.

That was when he kissed her, and Bette could hardly believe he was only a pillow, his lips felt so silky soft and warm, his mouth tasted so much like spearmint candy! She felt slightly cottonmouthed but she couldn't tell if that was her nervousness or because Dick was a pillow. Either way she wanted more.

Moaning, Bette rolled until the Nightwing pillow was on top of her, pressing her down in the soft taffy of her bed linens. "Be gentle with me?" she squeaked, and was rewarded with Dick Pillow smiling radiantly at her. "Of course, Bette-poo," he promised. The next thing Bette knew, the soft but heavy legs of the Nightwing pillow were pressing down on her lady parts, stroking her and petting her there. It felt so full and heavy but not scary, more like a giant tongue that was licking its favorite ice cream cone. Bette couldn't think of anything better than being Dick Grayson's ice cream cone.

"That feels so good, Dick!" she squealed and Dick said, "Oh I know, Bette! I know everything that will feel good for you, and I will always be here when you want me." His legs kept moving, the firm stuffing inside them coaxing more and more warm floaty feelings in Bette's innermost core as she opened her petals to his loving pressure. Finally he kissed her again just as Bette reached her sweetness, hugging her Dick pillow to her body so tightly as the waves of heat radiated through her entire body. She could even muffle her high cries against him, since he was still a pillow, he absorbed the noise perfectly.

By the time Bette finally came down from the clouds of heaven, she realized that she was hugging only that - her Nightwing body pillow, looking just like it usually looked. With a secret smile, Bette turned off her light and curled herself around the pillow. This time she kissed him on the mouth, remembering their softness. "I know what my dreams will be about from now on," she said, and then fell asleep with a smile on her lips.

Re: Bette/Dick, "Sweeter than Candy"

Date: 2013-03-20 02:27 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
This is so adorable and hilarious and I seriously admire the dedication to the sugar motif throughout the entire thing

Re: Bette/Dick, "Sweeter than Candy"

Date: 2013-03-20 02:30 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
I can't stop laughing! This was the most adorable smut I have ever read. A great parody of Bette's personality, too!

Re: Bette/Dick, "Sweeter than Candy"

Date: 2014-07-01 03:54 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
I'm confused. Am I hungry or aroused or simply out of breath because this is fucking hilarious?



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