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3. asphyxiation, Green Arrow/Flamebird - femdom, breathplay

5. "Sweeter than Candy", Flamebird/Nightwing body pillow

7. "Green Shadows", GGG

8. Older Damian/Ollie

10. "To Sail You Home", Kate/Clark - fuck or die

Date: 2013-03-20 05:14 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Damian's head hit the wall with a loud crack, but Ollie's lips covered the younger man's, stifling the slight hiss of pain. Their tongues collided like fists, the pressure of teeth thinly veiled behind their kisses. Damian liked it rough, like the taboo of affair at large. He reached out and grabbed the older man's hair, pulling hard enough to draw a growl of Ollie, a dark fire brewing behind his eyes in excitement. He dipped his head and bit Damian's neck. Hard. Hard enough Damian swore allowed in Arabic, a language he almost never consciously used anymore.

"My, my, Damian. Quite the mouth on you," Ollie teased, palming him through his jeans none too gently. He needed the younger man angry, hot blooded. It was the best when he could unleash some of the ferocity he'd become so good at keeping a lid on. "Why don't we put it to good use?"

Damian looked back at Ollie through hooded eyes, sneering as he dropped to his knees and took to unzipping the man's pants. He was already half hard, the sight of the cock bobbing free had Damian hard himself, and he leaned forward, engulfing Ollie's cock in the dark, wet heat of his mouth, sucking hard, pulling an almost pained groan from the older man. "Jesus Christ, kid . . . "
Ollie moved his hips in time with Damian's mouth, bracing his hands on the wall. They both knew Damian was the one in control here. It wasn't that the kid so much got off on rough sex in general, it was a dominance display. It said 'Look what I can do this man who supposedly outranks me, how quickly I can unravel him' and it was directed at Dear Daddy Bats. And the message was received, apparently, because somewhere between Damian finishing the blowjob and leaning Ollie over the side of the bed, thrusting into him at a deliciously aggressive pace, a knocking sounded from an adjacent wall.

The wall that separated Damian's bedroom from Bruce's study. Ollie had had no idea the man was home and his face drained of any color as his fight or flight instinct kicked in. Any thoughts of panic, however, were put on the back burner as Damian took that as his queue to grab the man by his hair again and thrust harder, deeper, drawing a mutual moan from the both of them as he hit a sweet spot. So the continued on, thrusting and bucking wildly against one another, fully aware that Bruce could in fact hear them and knew exactly who and what they were doing. Were Ollie's face not buried in the mattress as Damian continued to pound away at his ass, he would have seen the grin on the younger man's face, oh so pleased with himself.

Date: 2013-03-21 01:20 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
nnnf awesome yesssss



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