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3. asphyxiation, Green Arrow/Flamebird - femdom, breathplay

5. "Sweeter than Candy", Flamebird/Nightwing body pillow

7. "Green Shadows", GGG

8. Older Damian/Ollie

10. "To Sail You Home", Kate/Clark - fuck or die

clark/kate - to sail you home

Date: 2013-03-20 03:07 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
The solar winds weren't what Kate expected, all those times she'd read about them in science fiction books about wild frontier planets. They felt like being nettle-stung. They smelled like gasoline and, incongruously, oranges. They sounded like wolves with three throats.

And the reason she was fixating on all these details was so she didn't have to look down at Clark underneath her, the green glow in his eyes that pulsed and spilled every time Kate rode her hips against his. She ground her teeth together, muscles of her cunt and thighs clenching around his girth, his hardness, with a desperate intent. The mutated kryptovirus that was sapping Clark's abilities with every moment would kill him, that much was certain, but Kate knew it would also kill her if she ended up stranded on this rapidly doomed planetoid.

So this had turned out to be the only solution.

The blue light of her staff bathed their bodies under the stark white light of the planetoid's star as she leaned forward to plant her hands against Clark's broad chest. It made them look inhuman. It was fitting, Kate thought crazily, because the feeling of it - the sickness leaving Clark's body to invade hers, flushing her with so much warmth that she was almost overheated on this icy rock - contrasted wildly with the feeling of him huge inside her as she rocked against him in a demanding rhythm. But it was working, it was working, she could tell from the green seeping out of his eyes and the blue starting to appear again -

And then big hands were coming up to curl around her strained biceps and Kate heard Clark croak, so quietly under the winds, "I'm so sorry."

"We don't have time," Kate said, her voice sharp and ragged, and as she leaned down to kiss him hard the winds whipped her hair straight up, howling through the tornadoed strands. It took a moment for Clark to get there (and she marveled at how fast it was, his eyes going entirely clear so swiftly, how strong he really was to battle off the infection once she'd bought him the chance) but when he did he sat up with a groaning growl, wrapping his bulky arms around her as Kate angled her hips more deeply against him.

"I'll help you," Clark said, one arm dropping lower on Kate's back, spreading his massive thighs to support her entirely. He looked directly at her, and Kate felt a surge of determination; she met his gaze steadily, realizing how much they both needed to witness this, be there for it. How if either of them looked away in shame, that would make it so much worse. Clark rolled his hips, driving deeper into her, and Kate scraped one calf against his side to pull him in.

The blue staff light made Clark's eyes almost glow, bluer than anything. It made Kate's fingernails look like they were lit from underneath. It hummed louder as it sub-atomically destroyed the kryptovirus in Kate's blood, its humming and the winds' wailing drowning out the hoarse, exhausted cry when Kate climaxed, the guttural gasp when Clark came a moment before. Clark stood with Kate in his arms and kissed her, his breath in her lungs and the pangs of orgasm still trembling her limbs as they reached the Watchtower, between one blink and the next. Just like that, out of the winds of hell and back to what should be normal.


Clark looked at her, worry drawing his eyebrows together, and Kate shook her head. Her legs were steady enough, once she was on her feet again, and she hefted her depleted staff and headed towards her suite.

She would talk to Clark later about it. But only when she could no longer hear the howling of triple-voiced wolves, only when she stopped smelling oranges and gasoline.

Re: clark/kate - to sail you home

Date: 2013-03-20 03:31 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)

It's such bittersweet smut, with the vivid imagery of both of them illuminated by Kate's staff, the sounds and scent of the solar wind (orange and gasoline! so distinct and memorable). Beautiful language, characterization, everything.

Re: clark/kate - to sail you home

Date: 2014-07-02 02:34 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
I read this way back when and fucking loved it, and I read it again now. Still fucking love it. This is the sort of thing you want to forget about only to read again and again. Amazing job, whoever you are.



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