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1. "Conviction", Wonder Woman/Wonder Girl

3. "She Could Almost", Kylellax/Zatanna - tentacles, reluctant

4. "The Family that Lays Together", Mar'i/Dick - incest

9. "And Now We Are One", Kent-Zatara Triplets, Part Two

10. "Winter Dance", Damian + Dick

and now we are one | Kent-Zatara Triplets

Date: 2013-03-20 05:06 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
"You know what could happen," Zayn says. Zera nods. Their hair tangles together when she moves, catching on her twin's long eyelashes. She thinks of Zayn as her twin, not her triplet; they're the ones who are alike, the same starry black hair, the same xenolinguistic magical tongues. Their mother is driven to distraction when the twins speak magic in Kryptonian, in Martian, in Spanish and Tameran and Cantonese, all the languages they've greedily learned from the aunties and uncles in the League.

They're not just incredible magicians, performing spells in tandem, but they have a dizzying number of spells available to them in this delicious smorgasbord of language. They've been learning them together for all of their sixteen years now, and the repository of magic between the two of them is unspeakably vast. Soon, Zera thinks, they might not even need to speak aloud. She'll just have to meet Zayn's clear, guileless blue eyes (the only way they're different, is that Zera somehow got the kind of deep brown eyes that tends to be described as inscrutable), and the magic will work.

"We have to do it, Zayn. You know that. There's no choice." They've already sent Kon and Billy away. They've already frozen Mom and Dad, sealed them up in the Fortress where the twins used to play as children among the otherworldly ice crystal formations. Zera doesn't even want to think about what happened with Uncle Zach. She digs her fingernails into her twin's arm and he makes a little hurt noise, astonished that she's pained him.

"Don't wimp out on me now, brother," Zera says, urgently, and he petulantly opens his mouth but before he can say anything at all, the lid of the corn crib is ripped away like so much tissue and he's standing there, flat blue of his eyes sizzling into red. In a horrifically absurd turn of events, the dried corn the twins are hiding in starts popping on the cobs, loud air bangs, and Zan-El laughs. Zera used to love her brother's laugh, once upon a time. Now there's no sound she hates worse.

Zan-El won't say anything to them. He stopped talking to them long ago, when he first started looking down on the twins for no having Kryptonian powers. Zera would almost find it all ironic, that the twins' power is language and Zan's is silence, but there's one more thing about it that's not funny at all. Zayn clings to her and Zan reaches down for them, strong hands, ice breath, the only course of action available to the twins is to magically dope themselves in the hopes that the pain won't be so bad.

There is one single, significant thing that Zan didn't inherit from their father. And that is Kal-El's vulnerability to magic.

Re: and now we are one | Kent-Zatara Triplets

Date: 2013-03-20 05:09 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
why must you hurt me like this anon?

Re: and now we are one | Kent-Zatara Triplets

Date: 2013-03-21 01:22 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Gorgeous and so sad, so intriguing! Makes me want to read more about these triplets.

Re: and now we are one | Kent-Zatara Triplets

Date: 2013-03-21 08:18 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
In her head, Zera goes back.

She doesn't go as far back as their childhood, Kon and Billy (he'd keep trying to gently correct Zayn, that it was "Marvel" when he was Shazammed, but try explaining to somebody born homo magi that magic made you two distinct people) taking them flying over the wheat fields on golden afternoons. Zan flying alongside and laughing his funny, fantastic laugh that made Zera love him so fiercely - Dad's expansive love for this world in that sound, Mom's bubbling mischief effervescing it.

Going back that far would hurt too much. And Zan-El in the here and now, shearing her head with his ice breath, making Zayn watch while he scorches wounds into the back of Zera's neck and shoulders, that hurts enough already.

Instead she goes back to Dar-Zod. Hearing Dad and Mom talking about Zan's friend among the New Kryptonians who had settled on Earth, the fears they had; how Zera had thought at the time that her parents were being tremendously unfair. They didn't worry that Kon would have his head turned by Kryptonian supremacy propaganda, why worry about Zan?

Zayn is whimpering now, underneath Zera, pressed down into the popcorned cobs. She can't move much, not with Zan holding her steady so he can burn symbols into her skull and add the stench of scorched hair to the corn smell and their triplet's tears. She looks at him and Zayn stills, the current of magic between them linking up strong and thick, a cable that even Zan can't sever.

That current was what helped them, when it came time to save their family. Their parents were heartbreakingly easy to deceive, indulging the twins' entreaty to be taken to the Fortress; Zera knew they'd be surprised and touched that their teenagers willingly wanted to spend some family time. It had been torture to hug and kiss her dad and act like everything was normal. Zayn had almost blown it all the minute Mom had called him her little bun. When the twins had woven the complex spell to freeze their parents in the crystals, twisting their tongues and wills along the cadence of backwards Kryptonian and Qwardian, they'd watched their parents' faces as they realized what their children were doing.

Zera had thought that would be the worst they'd have to endure. She was so, so wrong.

Billy and Kon were trickier to deal with - siblings catch on to siblings faster than parents will suspect - but the twins had been planning for a year and a half for this. Enough time for them to get Auntie Kara to help convince Kon and Billy that the diplomatic mission they were being timeshifted for was critical for the universe's continued existence. Enough time to convince Uncle Zach to help get rid of Dar-Zod, to cover for what they'd done and where they'd sent Kon and Billy to.

Uncle Zach. Thinking about him wrings a sob from her, even though she's managed so far not to give Zan the satisfaction. But she'd been her uncle's pet, and the sight of him after Zan was done with him - the melted and blackened flesh Zera had only been able to look at once before turning away. Zayn had been the one to give him final rites, magically atomizing Uncle Zach's corpse into stardust. Her sweet quiet twin had been like steel in that moment, their father's blood.

Zera gasps as Zan starts to tear through the skin lower on her back, flaying her open. She's going to die, and Zayn will have to watch until it's his turn, and o h

they t r i e d so hard

m o m m y

It's not the echo of her own dismantling thoughts. It's Zayn, whispering, and Zera looks at him in agonized confusion before she feels Zan being torn away from her by a whirlwind of silver-black. "Zan. Get away from my children."

It's their mother. And it's their mother as Zera has never seen her, one arm held out and the other drawn back and crackling with power, so much power that the twins are lifted out of the corn crib just from the rippling currents from it. Zatanna's eyes are not just black. They're medulla jewel obsidian; they're wells of sorcery that would send mortals screaming; they're the glorious and terrible rage of a mother destroying one child to save the others.

Zan is kicking, struggling, snarling. He can't understand why her magic is working on him. Zera knows, Zera can tell what their mother allowed into her soul in order to have the ability for this. What they'll all have to live with, once Dad gets back with Billy and Kon. She can tell that's what's happening, too. It's all changed and changing and their family won't ever be the same. But how can it?

Zayn says an almost inaudible word in Thanagarian behind her, and Zera grits her teeth as the wound down her back zips shut, flesh clicking back together like teeth. The twins float out, forming the points of a triangle with their mother as if it had been planned.

My d a r l i n g s, they hear Zatanna tell them, magical energy arcing between each magic user, and then there's a screaming rip above them and Zera sees blue eyes first, dark hair, her father and brothers -

- and Zan's voice has gone insanely high and jagged -

and -

Re: and now we are one | Kent-Zatara Triplets

Date: 2013-03-21 08:59 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)


But seriously this is the best written thing I swear to god

Re: and now we are one | Kent-Zatara Triplets

Date: 2013-03-21 10:34 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Oh my heart <3 these are beautiful, thank you thank you!

Re: and now we are one | Kent-Zatara Triplets

Date: 2013-03-22 12:22 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
It's perfect, just perfect, and thank you for the relief of Zayn and Zera being spared despite the tragic fate of poor Zan

agh, such beautiful writing-- all the little details, the little glimpses of memory that make it seem like a full world in itself in just a brief passage



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