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1. "Conviction", Wonder Woman/Wonder Girl

3. "She Could Almost", Kylellax/Zatanna - tentacles, reluctant

4. "The Family that Lays Together", Mar'i/Dick - incest

9. "And Now We Are One", Kent-Zatara Triplets, Part Two

10. "Winter Dance", Damian + Dick
From: (Anonymous)
"don't tell me you never thought about it Nancy Drew," Kyle whispers, and if it weren't for what feels like a forked tongue gently laving the curve of her ear, Zee could almost believe it's normal Kyle and not the monster he's become. If it weren't for the feel of his dark silky hair between her fingers as she half heartedly tries to push his head away she could almost believe this wasn't the embodiment of fear and horror. If it weren't for the dirty yellow construct tentacles wrapping around her body, she could almost believe she was being gently seduced.

If it weren't for her heart racing and the dampness between her legs, she could almost pretend she didn't want him still.

"don't talk like him," she insists so she can feel like she's resisting. "don't pretend you're Kyle because you're not, you're a parasite, you're a demon"

Kyle laughs cockily and Zatanna gasps as the tentacles curl neatly around her nipples like furled-up ferns. "i'm everything he is but better," he says, moving down her body. "i'm doing what you've always been scared of but wanted so bad." Her clothes tear open like paper as he moves and there's tentacles everywhere, touching her and swarming her, and the moist heat of Kyle's mouth as he licks her navel. Zatanna's full breasts heave once his mouth reaches the crease of her thigh. "stop" she says weakly, but Kyle knows she doesn't mean it, because she's wet as a spring.

"if only you knew all the things I dreamed about doing to you, Zee." Kyle nibbles the soft flesh of her thigh and Zatanna writhes against the tentacles that are holding her down. No, not holding her down, more like holding her in place for Kyle as he moves up her body again and shoves his dick into her without any more warning. Zee's face turns flame red with humiliation as she screams encouragement and spreads her legs wider wanting to feel him inside her so deep that his balls are pressed against her. "kcuf em drah" she begs and Kyle laughs and french kisses her.

He doesn't say anything though and Zee wonders in the back of her mind as he fucks her if he's still as Parallax as he seems. Maybe more Kyle is coming through. She can almost smell him, the way Kyle smells under the slightly cloying smell of Parallax. But then she feels one of the tentacles push into her alongside Kyle's thrusting dick, and another one pushes into her ass, filling her completely. "let's not forget your most dangerous weapon!" Kyle adds, and a tentacle slides into Zatanna's mouth.

She's so full now but Zatanna can't stop herself from moaning and pushing back against the tentacles and Kyle's dick as they pound into her. There's something about this that she wants. She could almost throw her mind back to all the sex magic she did with Constantine, like this was something she summoned herself with her own magic and not a horrible entity posessing her best friend. The thought of that gets her wetter and before she knows it she's cumming, screaming around the tentacle in her mouth.

The last thing Zatanna hears as she fades into unconsciousness is Kyle's cloying voice saying, "just wait until you see all the other things I want to do to you." She could almost pretend she wasn't looking forward to it.
From: (Anonymous)
OP here. Thank you for the fill. It was PERFECT! I love Zee wondering how much of it stemmed from Kyle as opposed to Parallax, and that ending, hnnng. I both want to see more and don't want to see more because it's deliciously teasing.



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