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4. "Letters", Kate and Ollie

6. "Yhpargillac", Zatanna/Clark

7. "Solitude", Superman - grim reaper!J'onn

Date: 2013-03-26 05:43 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Quiet. It was quiet in the Fortress of Solitude.

Contrary to its name, this place had been a bustle of energy, of noise, of activity for the past decade. His robotic servants, his human staff, they all brought a sense of work and movement to this place. But now things were quiet. And he was alone.

Kal-El, the Last Son of Krypton, sat motionless on his throne of crystal staring straight ahead and listening. There was no call for help. There was no more danger. There was no more suffering. He had succeeded in his life’s mission. And now it was quiet, and there was nothing left for him to do.

It wasn’t his wife’s murder that sent him to this place. When Metropolis was conquered and his friends killed, it still was not enough to make him do what he had done. But something had made the Man of Steel snap. Something in the mind of the Man of Tomorrow caused him to finally leave behind his moral code and become the iron-willed leader that he was today.

That something began on a cold January day at the graves of Jonathan and Martha Kent in Smallville, Kansas. “Luthor...” he had whispered to himself that day. “Why?” When Superman’s identity was revealed, it was a free for all among his enemies. And he spent so much time defending his family and his adopted city that he never saw the attack on his blind spot until it was too late. He won some battles, and lost some battles. But none were more painful for him than the death of his Earth parents.

And that day, at their grave, he made a vow. “No more” he said. “No more pain. No more chaos. This world doesn’t need protecting. It needs control.”

Superman knew that the League would resist him. He knew that they would not see the truth as he now saw it. And he knew that he alone could bring about the new world order that this planet needed. so he acted alone, sharing his thoughts with no one. His plan had been brutal and swift. He knew that he had to take out his biggest threats first.

Gotham. Gotham City had been his first strike. Without warning, without mercy, he tore through the Bats and their allies. The streets were littered with broken bodies and blood. He left non alive. Bruce had been the only one not caught off guard. The Batman had been his closest friend and most dangerous adversary for years. Clark’s plan... no, not Clark. Kal-El’s plans depended on taking him out. Bruce put up a fight, but he is only human. Kal-El surprised even himself with how easy his rage helped him overcome Bruce’s kryptonite.

Once he had blood on his hands, the rest had been easy. The League had been notified of his actions. Of course they had. He expected they would. The little one, Damian, had managed to send out a distress call before Kal-El had ripped out his spine. But the League could wait. With the Bats gone, Gotham City’s criminal element sprang up.

It took a day, but almost every light pole in the city was decorated with the bodies of Batman’s Rogue Gallery. Outside city hall, the Joker’s dismembered body parts adorned makeshift pikes as a warning to anyone who opposed him.

By the time he had returned to Metropolis, there were some who welcomed his presence. A few of his enemies went into hiding. But they did not hide long. No one can hide long from the Last Son of Krypton. It did not take long for the shining city to be drenched in the blood of those that stood against him. But Luthor was his main prize. Luthor was the one he was savoring. Luthor had killed his parent; he would pay with his life.

LexCorp was well defended. It took him longer than the hour he had planned. But finally reaching Lex’s inner sanctum, he had looked down at a man who refused to cower, refused to show fear. Lex Luthor simply stood straight and spit in the face of the Man of Steel. Kal-El took his defiant head.

By then, the world authorities had joined forces. The U.N. had tried to stop them. He made a pyramid of twisted metal and bones where their headquarters had once stood.

All that stood in his way was what remained of the Justice League. The battle was epic. It leveled cities in its wake. The civilian death count finally rose above 1 million. But Kal-El did not stop until he had gained control of this planet. Kal-El did not stop until he alone stood in charge. He kept trophies from his former colleagues. The Fortress of Solitude was decorated with cowls and capes, bows and rings. By the end, he had grown to love the feeling of blood on his hands, his chest, his face.

And now, years later, he sat alone and quiet on his throne. All of the world’s threats had been eliminated. All of the resistance that had formed against him had been conquered. He alone decided the fate of this planet. And he was without mercy.

The populace that remained, lived only to serve him and his will. Kal-El’s Kryptonian robots had spread out across the globe to enforce his will. Those that pledged loyalty to him helped maintain order. But he alone ruled. He was alone on top of the world. And he was alone when an old friend came to visit.

“Hello Clark” a voice said.

“Who’s there?” Kal-El demanded. He had ordered that he be left alone, and this intrusion was most unwelcome. Bathing the area in his x-ray vision, he stood and demanded again. “Who’s there?!”

“I am here” the voice responded. “I have been here since the dawn of time.”

“Show yourself!” Kal-El shouted, bursting crystal formations with his heat vision. “No one addresses me by that name!”

“It was the name I gave you” Martha Kent said as she emerged from the shadows. “Why wouldn’t I call you Clark?”

“You’re not real” Kal-El dismissed. “You died years ago. And if you did not think I was expecting you Martian, you are gravely mistaken. Though I will say, you are quite a bit late.”

Martha Kent grew tall and took the form of the Last Manhunter from Mars. “Kal-El” J’onn said. What is this madness?”

“Madness?” Kal-El snapped. “This is order. This is strength. This is justice. We always strove for justice.”

“But not at this price” J’onn replied. “What cost have you paid? What terrible cost led you to this moment, this place?”

“It’s a price I’m willing to pay again” Kal-El said, charging at the Martian in an instant. But the Kryptonian merely passed through what was not solid. He turned and blasted beams of the most intense heat at J’onn, but the Martian Manhunter did not move.

“Yes” J’onn said wistfully. “That was how you killed me the first time.”

“I - I killed you” Kal-El stammered. “Yes. That’s right. I killed you already. I killed you ten years ago.

“Ten years ago?” J’onn asked. “Kal-El, what year do you think it is? Here on Earth, during the last battle of the Justice League, the year was 2013. It is now 6378! How long do you think you have been sitting in here alone?”

“6378?” Kal-El asked, confused. “No. It’s 2023! It’s... No. I...”

“Your years of solitude have decayed your memory” J’onn said. “Look. Remember. I return the years to your mind.”

Kal-El screamed “Noooo!” as he fell to his knees, grabbing his head. “It’s impossible! I rule this world. I have ended chaos! I have brought order!”

“Order to what?” J’onn asked. “Only the insects and worms survive. Humanity died out years ago. All that is left is the burned remains of once great planet. You remember this now.”

“Yes...” Kal-El said. “I remember...”

“You are the last remaining sentient being here” J’onn said. “But your time is at an end as well. That is why I am here. I am here to take you with me.”

“Take me?” Kal-El asked. “Take me where?”

“Where all living beings must go” J’onn replied. “To your judgement!”

“But...” Kal-El stammered. “But you died. I killed you. You are dead.

The Martian changed forms again. A black hooded robe covered most of his features. But skeletal hands holding a large and wicked looking scythe revealed his true identity. “No Kal-El of Krypton. I am Death.”

No one was alive to hear the slash of the scythe or to see the Man of Steel fall. But the crystals inside the Fortress recorded it all. And the data remains there, uncollected and unread, for eternity.

Date: 2013-03-26 05:45 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
OP here - I meant to name this piece "Solitude".

Date: 2013-03-26 06:03 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Prompt OP, and eeeeee this is so fantastic! The whole backstory, Kal-El's growing madness, and the blood-chilling truth at the end, just perfect!

Date: 2013-03-26 06:21 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
So wonderful, omg. I don't even have the words to describe how much I love this. Wonderful!



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