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FILLED PROMPTS (newest fills at the top of each section, linked with original prompt):

Post A
bette/ollie - Somebody chokes GA to see how big and green his eyes can get.
sweeter than candy | dick/bette - We've all seen the Nightwing body pillow right?
green shadows | ggg, green lanterns - there's a reason he supports the Lanterns.
damian/ollie - with Bruce in the next room within earshot if they're too loud.
to sail you home | kate/clark - Superman gets infected with a corrupted Kryptonite disease.

Post B
conviction | diana/cassie - Wonder Girl wants to go full on Amazon to prove herself.
she could almost | kyle/zee - Parallax Kyle wants to show Zee what she's missing.
the family that lays together | mar'i/dick - Mar'i doesn't tell Dick that he's her father on another world.
and now we are one, part one . part two | zatara-kent triplets - What if Zatanna became pregnant with triplets by Clark?
winter dance | damian, dick - Dick teaches Damian how to dance before his high school's winter formal.

Post C
kate/coffee - Kate discovers she is a coffeesexual.
(dis)assemble | guy, kate, ollie - Guy is the Hulk.
good for the goose, good for the gander | kate/ollie - Kate and Ollie get drunk and his beard is shaved off.
three blind mice | j'onn, guy, ollie - I want your favorite threesome!
the weft and the warp | damian - Damian belongs to a race of beings whose hair is in great demand for weaving of tapestries.
sun sun twenty-one | ollie/steph - Ollie gives Steph oral for her 21st birthday.
in vino veritas | kyle, dick - Kyle and Dick having a drinking contest.
full league - Bai lives in a box only nobody knows it.

Post D
for the devout | damian/mar'i - Temple prostitutes.
what happens at the wayne-harper wedding stays at the wayne-harper wedding - helen/bill
what happens in aisle 6 stays in aisle 6 - kate/j'onn
what happens in alnwick stays in alnwick - mar'i/bai
what happens in the circle stays in the circle - jason blood, ollie
mamihlapinatapei: what happens in room 1506 stays in room 1506 - mar'i/zach
what happens in ollie's office stays in ollie's office - mia/gar
what happens at carr stays at carr - clark/ollie
stuck | kate, damian - Jedi Master and his/her Apprentice.
no best friend of mine | damian, bruce, talia - somehow Damian's a dog?

Post E
thicker than water | dick - Dick runs a circus.
fmk | guy/dick - guy takes an FMK message literally.
golden glass | damian, kyle - I want Kyle to adopt Damian!
source discovered | various - Everyone is infected by an environmental contaminant.
this ain't no mystery machine | tsundere titans - Ghosts are real and the Watchtower is infested.
real hot shit | various - "Juicy Lounge Entertainment", a porn movie company.

Post F
bad boy! | dick/bette - interrupted by Batwoman.
a piece of reaction | j'onn/steph - gangsters-and-molls league.
arboretum time | mar'i - there's something in there.
dongwarts | ollie - like it says on the tin.
cass, steph - movie night and experimenting.
sharing is caring | guy/dick/bette - dick and two redheads.

Post G
justice buffet - what food would they be?
damian/bruce - somebody younger wants to tap somebody older.
tinder | clark/kate/ollie/zee - foursome.
letters | kate, ollie - an epistolary account of getting laid.
yhpargillac | zee/clark - Zatanna's spells suddenly have an odd effect: the words appear on her skin in moving black letters.
solitude | j'onn, clark - j'onn becomes the grim reaper.

Post H
leaf and vine | ollie/dick - Ollie helps Dick get past his fear of figging.
knockin' on heaven's door | batfamily - The man's goal was to have sex with the woman. But her goal was to eat him.
NEW not a flaw but a feature | clark/zee - Clark has a pouch like a kangaroo.
NEW by halves | bruce & ollie - a Mad Men AU.

Post I
NEW Une voix de des fleurs | mar'i/roy - Flowers fall from Mari's mouth when she talks and stream from inside her when she cries or when she comes.
NEW one big happy - Mia, Connor, and Roy are all siblings growing up together!


Post A
guy/zatanna - Guy and Zatanna go to a planet where everybody has magic.
j'onn/kyle - the only servant Lord J'onn can afford to retain is gardener-cum-houseboy Kyle Rayner.
zauriel - zauriel gets called home for being naughty and gets gangbanged by a host of angels.
steph, cass - Batgirl makes Black Bat some of her special candy filled cocoa and they snuggle.
diana/billy - Wonder Woman gives an older Captain Marvel a few lessons in love.

Post B
gar/mia - Beast Boy loses his powers and Mia realizes that she likes it better when he can turn into animals.
damian/lian - Damian has already killed all of Lian's vampire family and she is the last one.
star trek!league - the fine ass members of the League are the crewmembers of the Starship Enterprise!
dick, mpreg - Dick Grayson is pregnant with a child
kyle/steph - Kyle and Stephanie have both been broken up with and end up having sex.

Post C
ollie/various - Ollie is a lustful and incompetent king in the style of Henry VIII with multiple spouses.
multiple titans - Beast Boy and Speedy are looking for a quiet corner of the Tower to make out.

Post D
monster!kyle - Kyle grows a long scaley tail and fangs.
rose/cassie - rose finds out cassie isn't the perfect little angel she thinks she is.
damian, bruce, or ollie - poor little rich boy.
cass, language - Cassandra has synesthesia and it keeps her from being able to quickly learn English.
tower school - The kids are now about Middle School aged and it's time for Sexual Education.
titans - Titans verses Titans Beer Pong tournament!

Post E
academic!league - they're all professors instead of college students.
mia - snakes on a plane!
any characters - the league meets the avengers.
any characters - the league is trapped aboard the Watchtower when the nuclear apocalypse destroys the Earth.

Post F
any characters - aquaman is the head of the league, and he's a dick.
billy - tsundere captain marvel.
cass, steph, bette - a sleepover and truth or dare.
third reich!league - Hitler won and we are now the JLTR (Justice League of the Third Reich).

Post G
game of thrones!league - a song of ice and fire.
rule 63!league - time for genderswap.
cass, steph - babysitting damian.
wally/magic - he needs one night to be cured.

Post H
kate/guy - An allergic reaction to some Tamaranean pie from the canteen makes Kate go into heat.
ggg, various - GGG is a little too concerned with some of the "superzeroes" into obsessive stalker territory.
batfamily - All the Bat-kids are just that--KIDS!
any characters - Everybody works in one of the Disney theme parks.
mia/zach - Zach and Mia are undoubtedly the snarkiest of the League. Imagine how fun and sarcastic a date between them would be!
cache doll - Just what actually IS a Cacheena?

Post I
kate/kate - The two Kates getting it on as Ollie looks on, not allowed to touch.
star-crossed lovers - Clark and Bruce, and why it could never work between them. Or Zatanna and Kyle, or ANY others.
damiannut - Damian's head is a coconut.
magic zee - Zatanna needs to perform some sex magic.
bruce/ollie - Bruce and Oliver, teenaged prep school serial killers.
saleskyle - Kyle is a door-to-door salesman for sex toys.
country club - The Justice League is one of the elitist country clubs in the States and its members are served by the League of Pages known as the Titans.
brotp - Kyle/Roy/Dick.
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