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4. "Letters", Kate and Ollie

6. "Yhpargillac", Zatanna/Clark

7. "Solitude", Superman - grim reaper!J'onn

Date: 2013-03-26 01:41 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Kate/Ollie and Zee/Clark


tinder - clark/kate/ollie/zee

Date: 2013-04-17 12:48 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Clark knocks on the window of the pickup's cab and as soon as Zatanna's got it open a crack, he says, "Stop here," in a voice that sounds like the gravel they're driving across. Zee looks at him for a moment, her blue eyes fixed on her husband's face, until Ollie yells, "I second that!" holding his hat onto his head. Zee shuts the window, turning back in her seat, and says, "I guess you heard the vote from the peanut gallery."

Kate takes a hard turn into the lot behind the derrick, not bothering to get any closer to the diner. She brakes and the truck skids a foot or so before shuddering to a stop, and Ollie vaults out of the back and is opening the hood, coughing and waving his hat at the smoke practically before Kate's put it in park.

Getting out of the flatbed, Clark opens Zee's door and lifts her out. "We're getting coffee," he says shortly, but it doesn't hold out long before the courtesy bred into him compels him to add, "join us when you can. We could all use the break."

The two of them head for the diner, Clark's arm wrapped around Zee as she navigates the unstable unpaved lot in her heeled boots. As they turn around the building to find the front door, Kate sits where she is behind the steering wheel and looks at Ollie through the dissipating smoke.

"It's hard on them," he says, unnecessarily, because it's not like she doesn't know that. Kate's slowly ascending eyebrow tells him as much and he frowns. "Nobody's thrilled about the situation," he tries to amend. "We've just gotta keep going until we reach Fate's place. That's our only chance to get an explanation for what happened to--"

"We've been over this," Kate says. "You're not telling me anything new, cielo."

Ollie comes over to the window and leans in to kiss her. They're both slightly angry, but that doesn't mean anything to the heat they feel when they look at each other.

When they go inside, Clark and Zee are nestled on one side of their booth, looking in opposite directions. But Clark's arm is stretched out enough to encircle her, as Zee sits folded up and running her fingertips along the brim of her hat and the diner waitress watches her like she's entranced by the motion.

"We could stop for the night," Kate says as she slides into the other side of the booth, Ollie crowding in next to her. Clark nods, correctly reading Kate's 'could' as 'should'. He motions for the waitress to bring coffees for the other two as well and says, "There's a motel a little ways from here. We could walk it and come back for the truck tomorrow, let it cool off."

"If it even starts up again tomorrow," Ollie says, but nobody listens to him. He's been writing the truck's obituary for the past hundred miles. "Can I have some pie," he says instead to the waitress, as if that was what he'd intended to say. "Peach pie, vanilla ice cream, two scoops two spoons."

Zatanna stretches one leg out and props her chin up with her hand. "mmmmm, vanilla," she says, although she doesn't attempt to order anything. She exchanges a look with Kate, who smiles slowly at her. Clark picks up his cup by the rim, drinking it dry, and when the pie comes Kate and Ollie end up only using one spoon anyhow.

-------- ---------

The motel is dry inside, dry air and everything slightly raspy under the touch, as if it might alight like a match if you dragged your finger. They get one room with two king beds. Money is running out the longer they're on the road, searching, so now it's one room along the way.

Zatanna commandeers the shower the instant they get in, and since the television volume won't go up much over whisper level they can all hear her humming something lilting over the falling water. The sun sets fast out here, no trees to catch the sinking light in their branches, and it's dark outside by the time she comes out in two towels. Clark reaches for the one in her hair as she passes and twitches it free, Zatanna's hair spilling out dark over her pale shoulders. Kate and Ollie are curled on their bed, heads at the foot of it so they can be closer to the tv, and Ollie feels Kate's hand tighten momentarily on his hip.

Glancing at his wife, Ollie gets up from the bed and steps into Zatanna's path as she heads to her side of her bed. She bumps into him and lifts her arms, as though they'd planned it, and Ollie opens the towel wrapped around her body, using the ends to pull her close against him. Kate breathes in; Clark doesn't. Zee's glossy lips are already parted when Ollie bends to kiss her.

The towel sags, sinks, falls to the floor, and Zatanna's naked, standing in the middle of the motel room with perfect candour, pushing the heels of her hands up Ollie's arms as they kiss. He makes a noise, a deep hungry growl, and it breaks the near-silence that the television was doing nothing to disturb. Clark echoes him, rising to his knees on the bed and moving over, one hand in the curved small of Zee's back and the other ruffling up Ollie's blond hair.

"Yes," Kate says in a dark, satisfied voice, stretching out on her bed. Her husband looks over, drawn instantly by the sound of her voice, and reaches out to drag his fingertips down her extended leg, cuffing her ankle with his hand. Zatanna laughs, a tinkling starbeam sound, and leans over to catch Kate's wrists to pull her sitting up, breasts brushing against the other woman's legs.

"Yes?" Ollie asks Clark, mouth quirked to the side, and Clark laughs like he hasn't since his and Zee's powers were stolen and they first began this trip. "Rao, yes," he says, and Ollie's humming as his mouth meets Clark's. Zee is drawing little circles in Kate's hair, eyelids drowsy in pleasure as Kate's clever mouth moves across her breasts, her belly, gasping when Kate's just-as-clever fingers find the softest, most silken part of her.

It doesn't take long at all before their husbands join them, Ollie sucking Kate's syrupy wet fingers into his mouth as Clark settles Zatanna on the bed against Kate and sinks to his knees. It doesn't take long before the rustling sound of the television is lost under moans and appreciative noises and gasped words, requests and orders, negotiations, frantic urging for more. The dry motel room air turns humid and lush, a greenhouse of brief, intimate reprieve from the long road ahead.

In the morning they will have to get back into the truck and keep driving. But that's the morning. Tonight they have this, and the television flickers on.

Re: tinder - clark/kate/ollie/zee

Date: 2013-04-17 09:38 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)

Re: tinder - clark/kate/ollie/zee

Date: 2013-04-19 08:11 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
i hunger for more



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