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1. "A Piece of Reaction", J'onn/Steph - gangsters

2. "Arboretum Time", Mar'i

8. Steph/Cass experimenting

9. "Sharing is Caring", Dick/Bette/Guy - threeway

Sharing is Caring--Dick/Bette/Guy

Date: 2013-03-23 06:38 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
This was a place Dick never wanted to leave.

Two days ago, Bette had told him that although she knew she couldn't share him for life, she wanted him to have one more time with Guy, with all three of them aware of it. And she wanted to watch.

Guy was...less hesitant about it than Dick first suspected he'd be, but Dick assumed they had discussed it together before approaching him.

Oh, how they had discussed it.

Dick whined into Bette's breasts as Guy rubbed against him trailing a firm hand down Dick's spine. Dick wriggled for more contact, but the construct restraints held him tight.

"What do you think, Guy?" Bette asked, stroking Dick's hair. "Should we stop teasing him?"

Dick couldn't see Guy's smirk, but he could definitely feel it. "Yeah, he's been good enough."

It felt like a flurry of movement, but achingly slow as Guy pulled him back and Bette shifted into position. There was a moment of stillness, each checking to make sure it was fine to continue, before Guy slowly pressed into Dick. A hand guided Dick's head down to Bette and he kissed the inside of her thigh, nuzzling the tendon at her groin. Her hand bunched his hair and that was all the permission he needed.

He licked along her vulva, laving her skin as Guy thrust into him. With each swipe of his tongue, her hand clenched in his hair. With each clench, Dick pushed back on Guy. With each push, Guy drove in harder. Dick moaned against her, only vaguely aware that the restraints had dissolved away. He didn't want to move anyway.

With a moan, Bette wrapped her legs around Dick's back, pinning him to her. Guy rubbed her ankle and she met his gaze, both a little hazy from pleasure. She opened her mouth to say something to Guy, but it was lost behind a groan as Dick hit a sweet spot. Each movement got faster, each thrust deeper, each flick of a tongue more precise until, with a cry, they came, one after another.

After, as they curled around each other, smiling in the glow of Guy's ring, Dick stroked his lovers' hair. No one had brought up tomorrow or whether this would happen again, but he couldn't help wonder how they would look all tangled together once Bette's dye came out. "A blonde, brunet, and a redhead fall into bed..." He giggled, cuddling them both close. Whatever happened, happened. For now, though, he never wanted to leave.

Re: Sharing is Caring--Dick/Bette/Guy

Date: 2013-03-27 01:00 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)



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