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2. "Golden Glass", Damian + Kyle

3. "Source Discovered", various

6: "This Ain't No Mystery Machine", Tsundere Titans

7. "Real Hot Shit", various - pornstars

Date: 2013-03-22 12:53 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Gardner gets a "FMK" message and takes in literally. Feel free to decide who his three choices will be.


Date: 2013-04-15 03:54 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
"You don't know," Dick whimpered, nuzzling his face against Guy's broad freckled shoulder as he raised his legs, latching them easily arond Guy's waist with his gymnast flexibility. "You don't know how much I wanted this, wanted it for so long, my Guy."

The sound of that nickname almost brought tears to Guy's kind eyes as he regarded the other,who he had longed for just as much with all his body heart and soul. The time they spent apart ws too cruel, first with Guy's amnesia and forgetting not only their time in Italy and their love for each other but also even the fact that he was gay in the first place. It had struck his heart and cracked it like the Liberty Bell, jagged and down the middle, making it unable to chime his love for Dick any more. Then when Guy finally ws blessed with coming back to his memory and finding Dick was now with Bette, a beautiful and sweet girl had taken his place at Dick's side and in the steeple of his heart the two bells whole and ringing together their love song.

But looking down into the sea blue eyes of his lover, Guy realized that pain was all behind them now. His broken bell heart would be repaired and sealed by this, their love, Dick wrapping his limbs around Guy like a heartbroken child as Guy kissed those plump pink lips tenderly. "I wanted this even more than you, amato," Guy gently corrected Dick, "and for longer, so long, so much pain has pricked my heart!" He could feel Dick's lythe body twisting and rising underneath him, skin soft and warm as Dick said Guy's name over and over. "I was falling," Dick whimpered. "I ws scared there was nobody with your big strong arms to catch me, so lost. I missed you, I never stopped wanting you, lover."

"Now you have me, Dickibird." Guy kissed Dick's lips again and then put his hand down around his length, his body shimmering with the emerald green glow of his Lantern powers. He guided the sticky head to Dick's open entrance and guided it in with a grunt of love as the other accepted this gift fully, giggling with happiness at the feeling of Guy's lentgh filling and stretching him.

"I missed this so much, "Dick whispered shyly, putthing his long fingers at the back of Guy's ginger hair to play with it and hold Guy's head so he could look at the other. The brunette couldnt believe he was so lucky as this, to have his amato back, on top of him and inside him, to look into Guy's loving eyes once more. "My heart is ringin like a bell for you, Dickibird," Guy whispered with love as he pushed into his lover, that place where he longed to be for so long. "And I need to ask you something. After all I have been through with losing everything I ever loved, and having my lovers taken away from me, I can't lose you again ever. Even if something does happen to me, I want to know that the two of us were together, bound together, the way that only holy matrimonly can provide." Two bells in a steeple, Guy thought giddily as he waited with baited breath to see what Dick's answer would be.

Dick gasped, rewinding the questin in his mind. Could he have heard right? Was his biggest dream really coming true, in the arms of the man he had always loved and had never stopped loving deep down inside? "Oh Guy," he gushed, wriggling against the bigger man to take him in deeper, "of course I'll marry you, my lover, my Guy!"

Dropping his head Guy kissed Dick passionately and started the rhythmic motions of passion inside his lover with long firm strokes from his powerful cop's build. Dick squealed with happiness and Guy felt emotions bubbling inside his strong chest threatening to burst him, tears fell from bis eyes at the thought of an eternity with the man he loved. The feel of Dick's body yeilding and pliable under him, giving all its love, made what Guy had done to Bette worth it. He would tell Dick what he had done but only when they were already on their honeymoon. Why spoil it before then.

"I love you more than anything," Dick whimpered. Guy stroked Dick's prostrate with a masterly push and whispered, "No, Dickibird; I love you more."


Date: 2013-04-15 11:28 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
omgggggggg!! I love it. The bell imagery and the ending twist! Everything's wonderful about this.



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