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1. "Good for the Goose, Good for the Gander", Kate/Ollie - hair removal

3. "(Dis)assemble" - Guy

4. "Three Blind Mice", J'onn + Ollie + Guy - threesome

6. "The Weft and the Warp", Damian - fantasy

7. "Sun Sun Twenty-One", Ollie/Steph - cunnilingus

8. "In Vino Veritas", Kyle + Dick
drinking contest, Kyle/Dick

10. Bai in a box, all chars

Date: 2013-03-20 07:29 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
“When did this thing get here?” Ollie asked. “And who’s it for anyway? Is the Martian ordering more of those damn cookies?!”

“Beats me” Kyle shrugged. “I figured it was some new piece of tech you or Bruce ordered. Does it have a name on it?”

“Fer fucks sake Blondie, don’cha think we’d a-opned it if one of our names was on it?” Gardner snapped.

“I ain’t paying for any more goddamn cookies!” Ollie railed.

“Calm down Oliver” Clark said. “Let me just scan it with my x-ray vis- hmmm.”

“Hmm what?” Kate Spencer asked. “I don’t like the look on your face.”

Clark frowned. “It’s lead lined.”

“Lead lined?” Wally asked. “Should we be worried?”

Hal walked into the League’s main conference room. “Worried about what?”

“This box” Bette answered, pointing. “Should somebody open it?”

“You want me to open it?” Kate Kane asked.

Dick hopped down from his perch on the countertop. “This mystery is making my Bat-sense tingle” he said, using his index fingers to mimic Bruce’s cowl ears. “Who would send a lead lined box this size to the Watchtower unless they were trying to hide something?”

“-TT-” tutted Damian. “Just blow it up and be done with it.”

“That’s your answer to everything!” Stephanie said, rolling her eyes.

“Are those my cookies?” J’onn asked walking in to the room.

Ollie’s face flashed with anger. “I ain’t paying for no goddamn cookies!”

“You ordered that many cookies J’onn?” Diana asked.

“No” J’onn said. “That box is too big. Clark, did you scan it?”

“He did” Tim said. “Lead lined.”

“Lead lined?” Zauriel asked. “Sounds like someone doesn’t want Superman to see inside. Should we move it to a safer location?”
Gar turned into a gorilla. “I could smash it open.”

“Or we could use magic to pry it open” Zachary said. “Cousin?”

“Nepo” Zatanna said. The box did not move.

“Hmmph” Jason Blood grumbled. “What a load of -”

“Horse shit?” Rose suggested. “We could just burn the mother fu-”

“Language!” Cassie said, giving Rose a sharp elbow to the stomach and nodding to Billy in the corner.

Billy smiled. “Don’t mind me. I just want to know what’s in the box now. I’m curious. And dad says a healthy curiosity is a good thing to have.”

“To a point” Clark added. But we still don’t know what’s inside. I can’t see in. Your mother’s magic didn’t work. I’m beginning to think we might be in trouble here.”

“Yeah” Cassandra added. “My Bat-sense is tingling too now”

“Why is this even a discussion?” Mar’i asked, her hands lighting up with energy. “Let’s just blast the thing!”

“No” John said, throwing up a shield of green between Nightstar and the box. “What if it isn’t dangerous?”

“What if it is?” Mia asked. “we don’t exactly have the best record with receiving gifts around here. For all I know it might be another snake?”

“Another snake?!” Beatriz asked, wide-eyed.

“Long story” Mia replied.

“Are you sure it ain’t more of your damn cookies J’onn?” Ollie demanded.

“I am sure Oliver” J’onn replied. “I checked the tracking number and my package will not arrive until tomorrow.”

“Maybe the new girl should try to open it” Zachary said.

The whole room looked at Donna. “Me? But I just got here.”

“Forget it!” Kate snapped, her trademark Manhunter voice making an appearance. “If it has no name, nobody knows how it got here, it’s lead lined so Clark can’t see inside, Zatanna’s magics can’t open it. It might be something good, but I’m not taking a chance.” She walked over to a nearby terminal and punched in some coordinates. Soon, the box was being zeta’d off the Watchtower and sent away.

“Well” Kyle said. “That’s that then.”

“Where did you send that box Kate?” Wally asked.

On a calm and empty stretch of the Pacific Ocean, a pod of dolphins swam by. The sun warmed the water and all was right with nature. This peaceful day among the tides was interrupted when a box materialized, bobbing on the waves. “Hello?” a voice called out from inside. “Is anybody there?”

Date: 2013-03-20 07:42 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)

Date: 2013-03-22 12:27 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
I'm free tomorrow afternoon to begin the process of having your babies. But one at a time please. Multiples might be too hard on me.



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